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Outstandingly reliable and efficient pulping

    IntensaDrum is a machine for efficient pulping of stock consistencies up to 18% and for gentle and effective separation of fibers and contaminants.

    The pulping drum IntensaDrum consists of a pulping and a screening section. In the pulping zone, special lifting bars elevate the suspension and let it fall back onto the drum shell. There is no rotor to crush the contaminants. In the sorting zone of IntensaDrum, the suspension is lifted in the same way and water is added via spray pipes to wash out the fibers through the perforated drum shell. Thus, clean separation of fibers and contaminants already takes place in the pulping stage without damaging the contaminants. The simple basic principle of IntensaDrum leads to low maintenance times and increased runtimes. Due to its high consistency range, IntensaDrum has a low specific energy consumption.

    Get the IntensaDrum AR app

      Discover IntensaDrum via Augmented Reality

      To discover the IntensaDrum pulping drum and its multiple features in Augmented Reality, download the app to your tablet or smartphone and print out the IntensaDrum brochure below. Scan the picture on the front page of the brochure with the camera of your mobile device and enjoy the interactive functions.

      IntensaDrum brochure

        BlueLine advantages

          Lower Maintenance Cost

          Conventional drum pulping systems generate maintenance costs up to 20,000 €.
          Due to the non-contact labyrinth sealing, the machine offers a wear-free inlet chute. As a result, IntensaDrum is nearly maintenance-free.

          Enhanced Safety

          The access to the drum of IntensaDrum can be secured by interlocked doors.
          The open reject outlet guarantees a safe entry of the drum.

          Profit from proven Voith quality

            With the innovative BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.

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