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Efficient and effective drum pulping technology

IntensaTwindrum technology integrates two separate processes: pulping and sorting of recovered paper. This makes it an efficient and effective recovered paper pulping unit with the highest input capacity.

Continuous pulping of board, packaging and graphic paper is crucial for the success of the stock preparation.

The Voith IntensaTwindrum consists of a pulping drum and a sorting drum, which are dimensioned separately for their respective tasks. Hence optimum dimensioning can be achieved for both process steps. This reduces investment costs and also cuts energy use by up to 30%.

The displacer of the IntensaTwindrum creates a displacer channel, which allows high consistencies over 25%. Higher fiber-fiber friction leads to excellent deinking at the lowest specific energy for graphic paper and gives the best possible pulping results for board and packaging.

With regard to brightness, less hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda is necessary, due to the high consistency (higher chemical concentration). This leads to savings in chemicals of up to 20-40%.

Furthermore, board and packaging are especially prone to contamination. Contaminant contents of 5-10% tend to increase further. Due to the dimensional separation of the pulping drum and the sorting drum both units can be designed so they achieve excellent technological results, and minimize fiber loss at the lowest energy input.


Sebastian Schuster

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2136