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Lime Trap® Pilot Plant Hire

Lime Trap® Pilot Plant Hire

Increased system availability through decarbonization

The pilot plant can be used to test the operating behavior of an industrial-scale lime trap on site under realistic conditions.

The lime trap consists of a separating basin with integrated skimming devices for lime sludge rising to the surface and/or settling on the bottom. It systematically removes dissolved calcium content from the water loop and increases the system availability, operational stability and efficiency of various processes, including conventional EGSB/UASB Anaerobic Reactors. The separating basin is kept clean by a continuously operating cleaning device. The lime sludge separated from the surface of the basin is collected in an integrated sludge tank. Anaerobically treated and decalcified water can be returned to the process, reducing the load on the aerobic stage.

The lime trap pilot plant is for testing the operating behavior under realistic conditions. It can be used at a suitable location within the process and systematically removes dissolved calcium content from the water. It thus helps to specifically adjust the desired water properties.