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LKS60 low consistency cleaner (EcoMizer)

LKS60 low consistency cleaner (EcoMizer)

High separation efficiency and low fiber loss

The LKS60 low consistency cleaner is a 2 1/2" cleaner that removes specifically heavy contaminants from the pulp suspension in stock preparation and approach flow systems.

In multi-stage fine cleaning, the KS60 low consistency cleaner controls reject thickening, regardless of the raw material, through the EcoMizer™ concept. The system’s minimal number of stages and cleaners results in a compact design. The highest separation efficiencies at consistencies up to 2.0% are possible due to smooth inner surfaces that do not create turbulence like ribs and spirals. The high concentration of contaminants in the reject ensures the lowest fiber losses. In addition, reject dilution and continuous reject discharge in all stages provide for low-pulsation and blockage-free operation.

The KS60 low consistency cleaner is used in stock preparation and approach flow system.