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Machine hall ventilation and air extraction

Machine hall ventilation and air extraction

Safe removal of heat and humidity

Machine hall ventilation and air extraction systems ensure safe removal of heat and humidity out of the paper mill. This creates a suitable production environment for the process and the operating personnel and also actively protects the building. 

Voith takes into account factors such as mill location, possible equipment positioning, optimum air distribution and air supply and noise and fire protection, as well as cost-efficient energy supply, ease of operation and a maintenance programme that incorporates a standardized spare parts inventory where possible.


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Machine hall ventilation 

Depending on application (new system/rebuild) and/or the area to be covered various systems are available (displacement ventilation method, conventional ventilation using air grilles). Incoming air units are configured to suit the ambient conditions and installation options either as box, wall-mounted or large free-standing units.

Ceiling ventilation systems 

Ceiling ventilation systems avoid production disruptions resulting from condensation on the hall roof in wet areas. Tailored to the application at hand, we supply ceiling cross ventilation or heated forced ventilation false ceiling systems. Intelligent system configuration - with heat recovery as an option - ensures minimal running costs.

Machine hall air extraction

Our air extraction units in modular design can be installed on the roof or on an external wall. They feature good accessibility for maintenance and cleaning work plus an effective reduction in noise emissions. Voith offers special solutions for smoke extraction in the event of a fire.

Heating energy supply

The heating requirement for hall ventilation may be more than 10 MW/h depending on time of year, equipment location and size of paper mill.

Voith's intelligent heating energy supply concepts allow effective use of all waste heat from the process and thus reduce the primary energy demand to a minimum.

Even existing facilities heated with steam or hot water can be optimized using simple means.