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MasterJet Pro

MasterJet Pro

Headbox for the best paper quality

The new MasterJet Pro headbox, with its series of innovations, combines the highest paper quality with low energy costs.


The new MasterJet Pro headbox represents a milestone in headbox development. It improves paper quality and at the same time allows substantial savings in energy costs. The main innovations of the MasterJet Pro headbox are its completely reworked ModuleJet dilution technology as well as the integrated and perfectly coordinated OnQ Profilmatic cross profile control. In addition, the unique jet quality ensures the highest paper quality.

Thanks to the turbulence generator which is adapted in a grade-specific fashion, the MasterJet Pro headbox can be used with all paper, board and tissue grades.


Your benefits

  • Highest paper quality
  • Better cross profiles of grammage and fiber orientation
  • Lower operating costs
  • Sort and production changes possible
  • Comfortable operation and maintenance
  • Highest availability