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M&D paper quality – printability

M&D paper quality – printability

Analysis and optimization of printability problems

Voith Paper provides individual analyses and measurement methods in order to clarify the causes of quality problems in the production of paper, board or pasteboard.

Experienced paper technicians analyze the causes of paper problems with the aid of various standardized measurement procedures. Describing or narrowing down the causes leads to cost-effective optimization measures. The approach and the measurement procedures are individually coordinated with the product and the problem.

The paper quality analysis can be used for problems such as fluctuations in basis weight, ash, thickness, gloss, opacity, porosity, tensile strength ratio and bending stiffness. It is also a helpful analytical instrument with the formation of bubbles, fluting, curling, formation of creases and linting. Register mark problems during printing, flatness disturbances, differences in shrinkage and ply bond strength, stickies and pin holes can also be reliably analyzed.