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M&D QuickRelease

M&D QuickRelease

Preventing roll damage during a web break

QuickRelease is intended to prevent serious damage to calender rolls in the event of a web break. In order to ensure it is functioning correctly, it must be checked regularly.

The QuickRelease function quickly opens the nips in the event of a web break, thereby preventing damage to expensive calender roll covers or the plastic coating through overheating.

Regular checking of QuickRelease ensures it is functioning correctly. This includes measurement of cylinder pressures, position measurement with regard to change in roll distances, checking the sequence of nips opening, measurement of the trigger signal and possibly activation of the quick release valve. As a result, it is ascertained whether the quick release is functional or not. If corrections are necessary, they are carried out directly on site, if possible.

Checking the QuickRelease function is recommended for calender rolls to ensure the ability to open quickly in the event of a web break. The number of roll changes due to damaged elastic rolls can thus be reduced.