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MultiSorter MSM-D

MultiSorter MSM-D

Fewer rejects with the same screening quality

The MultiSorterâ„¢ MSM-D allows stable pre-screening in the MC area both for primary and secondary fibers. Large and flat contaminants are very efficiently separated in the process.

The special rotor design of the MultiSorter MSM-D ensures spin-free operation and leads to an excellent screening effect with high specific throughput. Since a reduction in the quantity of rejects is possible at the same screening quality, downstream screening stages are relieved. Due to its low energy requirement, the MultiSorter MSM-D is also very cost-effective. Even with a heavy accumulation of contaminants, reliable operation is ensured due to speedy discharge of contaminants from the screening zone.

The MultiSorter MSM-D is used for the screening of pulp in the medium consistency range of approximately 3.5% and in the MC broke screening and MC-HC screening after the machine vat.


Paul-Wilhelm Sepke

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2511