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Higher operational reliability through oil cooling

NipcoCool with oil injection is an internal roll cooling system for Nipco rolls. It reduces the oil temperature underneath the support element and in the oil drain.

In the case of rolls with polyurethane (PU) covers, return temperature must not be allowed to get too high, as this will break down the oil too quickly and build up sediment. NipcoCool reduces the internal temperature of Nipco rolls by means of an internal roll cooling system with oil injection and thus protects the roll cover. The roll dismantled by the customer is reworked at Voith after the required engineering. Deep-hole drilling is done at each roll journal end, and radial drillings are done to ensure oil inflow between the roll sleeve and roll axis. Then nozzles are mounted, ensuring even oil injection over the entire width. With the NipcoCool internal roll cooling system, the reliability standard for oil, roll and cover can be raised.

NipcoCool is used for rolls with a PU cover and allows their use at acceptable internal roll temperatures.