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NipcoFlex calender

NipcoFlex calender

Better micro-roughness and volume-preserving smoothing

The NipcoFlex calender is a soft calender characterized by a longer dwell time of the web in the nip. A higher volume with the same surface quality can be achieved.

Due to the longer dwell time of the web in the nip, the pressure can be reduced, which leads to more volume with the same surface quality. On the other hand, a slight increase in the pressure is sufficient for better surface quality with the same volume.

A clear improvement of micro-roughness is possible with the NipcoFlex calender, i.e., contours are smoothed.

Even when compared to the Yankee drying cylinder with its “German press”, the NipcoFlex calender smoothes in a more volume-preserving fashion. In addition, it can be operated at a considerably higher speeds than the Yankee drying cylinder.

The NipcoFlex calender is used for smoothing the product surface and improving surface quality.