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NipcoFlex Press Service

NipcoFlex Press Service

The paper machine service you can rely on

Voith maintenance contracts are adapted to your needs. The service is performed on your paper machine by superbly qualified and trained specialists.

Superlative paper quality and maximum productivity can only be achieved if the press is working at peak efficiency. However, it is often not possible to immediately identify the underlying cause of a problem with a NipcoFlex press. Professional service, carried out by our specialist personnel, avoids unexpected paper machine downtimes.

Flexible service packages ensure a high level of availability for your NipcoFlex press thanks to complete transparency and predictability of the necessary maintenance work. Our extensive service package includes the following:

• Status check
• Inspection of NipcoFlex press
• Service report
• Replacing spare and wear parts
• Automation service package
• Technological optimizations

Regular inspections ensure that during maintenance only those jobs actually necessary are carried out. This results in shorter downtimes and an efficient use of spare parts.

For the NipcoFlex press we also offer the option of our OnCall Service with a telephone hotline, direct dial-in via modem or standby team, ensuring that Voith Paper service personnel are available for you 24/7 the whole year round.


  • Total Equipment Service - Reliable all-round service for your requirements