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Profile optimization through real-time measurement in the nip

NipSense2 is a static real-time measurement of the nip. The highly sensitive sensors record possible discrepancies and a correction calculation is carried out.

NipSense2 is a system consisting of mats with highly sensitive sensors that are inserted in the nip. The data of the nip width are transmitted wirelessly to a computer with special analytical software and directly displayed. Changes in the nip profile can thus be followed directly on the screen. NipSense2 visualizes possible discrepancies in the crown, the closing process and the hydraulic systems in real time and a correction calculation is carried out.

Another feature is the comparison of the nip width in the case of a different linear load. Furthermore, the system is able to measure three nips simultaneously. This functionality helps uncover previously unknown effects. Moreover, NipSense2 measuring mats have been designed to fit each roll length and roll diameter.


  • NipSense2 - Innovative profile optimization - through real-time measurement

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Ralf Moser

Global Product Manager


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