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OnC AirValve

OnC AirValve

Withstand the toughest conditions

To produce linear movement in order to operate the valve, OnC AirValve uses air pressure. Customers profit from a high air flow rate and application possibilities even under harsh conditions.

With OnC AirValve, Voith supplies different on-off valves with either built-on Namur solenoid valves or solenoid valve blocks. They contain 8 or 16 solenoid valves, which are normally integrated into cabinets. For the tubing between the solenoid valves and the process valve actuators, Voith tube bundles with welding beads protection are recommended as they contain two tubes in one. The Namur interface of the process valves pneumatic actuator eases direct mounting of the solenoid valve onto the actuator. Thus, installation costs are decreased and pneumatic and electric installation simplified. For all rotary actuators the switchbox VS500 is the perfect addition to connect the solenoid coil cable.

Model overview OnC AirValve 

OnC ValveBlock 500

Solenoid Valve Cabinet 8 stations

AV500.SVB 08 MK 704TDSZ     AV500.SVB 08 MK 704TDSSZ
The compact and the innovative Standard solenoid valve cabinet includes 8 pieces of 5/2-way single solenoid valves and is equipped with push-in fittings for PA tube 8x1 or with cutting ring fittings for 8 mm metal pipes.


  • Cabinet material stainless steel, 400x280x155 (WxHxD)
  • Protection class IP66 with cable gland M32 for multicore cable
  • Tested and ready for operation
  • Numbered valve terminals 1–8 with + and – for solenoid 1–8
  • High air flow rate of 1,250 l/min
  • Single air shut of for each individual solenoid
  • Low installation costs

OnC AirValve MH 510

OnC AirValve 500 single solenoid 5/2-way

AV500.MH 510
These single solenoid 5/2-way valves are actuated by permanent signals and equipped with air spring returns.


  • Connection G1/4“
  • High air flow rate of 1,250 l/min
  • Coil 24VDC
  • Temperatures -10ºC to +60ºC
  • Manual override
  • Used for solenoid valve blocks

OnC AirValve MH 520

OnC AirValve 500 double solenoid 5/2-way

AV500.MH 520
The double solenoid 5/2-way solenoid valve is actuated by impulse. It’s position is kept until an electrical signal is applied to the opposite side even when not attached to an electrical source.


  • Connection G1/4“
  • High air flow rate of 1,250 l/min
  • Coils 2x24VDC
  • Temperatures -10ºC to +60ºC
  • Manual override
  • Used for solenoid valve blocks

OnC AirValve MNH 310

OnC AirValve 500 Namur 3/2 way

AV500.MNH 310
The 3/2-way Namur solenoid valve is actuated by a permanent signal and usually closed. Its interface is according to Namur standards, with exhaust air recirculation. The valves are equipped with air spring returns.


  • Air supply G1/4" or G1/2“
  • High air flow rate from 1,250/3,000 l/min
  • Namur interface for direct mounting
  • Epoxi-coils 24V DC
  • Manual override

OnC AirValve MNH 510

OnC AirValve 500 Namur 5/2 way

AV500.MNH 510
This 5/2-way Namur solenoid valve is actuated by a permanent signal. The Interface is designed according to Namur standards. All valves are equipped with an air spring return.


  • Air supply G1/4“ or G1/2“
  • High air flow rate of 1,250 or 3,000 l/min
  • Namur interface for direct mounting
  • Epoxy-coils 24V DC
  • Manual override

OnC AirValve P520

OnC AirValve 500 pneumatically actuated 5/2-way spool valve

The pneumatically actuated 5/2-way spool valve is actuated by a double pilot air impulse.


  • Air supply G1/2“
  • High air flow rate of 3,000 l/min

Booster valve for big on-off valves

OnC AirValve HVR 520

OnC AirValve 500 lever actuated 5/2-way spool valve

AV500.HVR 520
Lever actuated 5/2-way spool valve, indexed. Spring-return version available on request. These valves are sealed at the lever using a brass ball as a metal seal.


  • Air supply G1/4”, G3/8“ or G1/2“
  • High air flow rate of 2,250 or 3,000 l/min

Manual operation for big on-off valves

Fittings and function fittings

Fittings and function fittings

Fittings and function fittings on request. Relevant fittings for tubing and the function
fittings for quick exaust and air throttling are also supplied together with the pneumatic equipment.


  • Tube fittings straight and elbow in different versions and materials
  • Flow control silencers
  • Quick exhaust valves

OnC AirTube 500

OnC AirTube 500

Tube bundles with welding beads protect content of one or more serially numbered plastic tubes. The stranded tubes are sheathed with a Polyester foil and asphalt crepe tape as well as al u min ium tape. A seamless extruded blue plastic jacket follows at the end. The robust construction of these tubes prevents damages during installation and maintenance work.

Tube materials PA 12-PHL and copper tubes.


  • Protection against flying sparks and welding beads in particular
  • Protection against mechanical impacts
  • Protection against harsh environments
  • Wide temperature range
  • Single tube 6x1 mm or 8x1 mm or 14x1,5 mm
  • Double tube 2x6x1 mm or 2x8x1 mm
  • Also available without welding beads protection

OnC WaterSupply 500

OnC WaterSupply 500

The OnC WaterSupply 500 series is designed for applications that require continuous seal water flow. Each seal type has specific flow and pressure characteristics for seal water. Fine adjustment of flow and pressure will result in water and energy savings. The OnC WaterSupply 500 system is designed to withstand contaminated water due to water filter module and special designed nozzles. Further available modules ensure the compatibility with a variety of seal types. The instruments for flow and pressure are equipped with analog outputs and binary alarm signals.


  • Modular design for all customerspecific needs
  • Robust and solid construction
  • Big internal openings to prevent plugging
  • High chemical resistance
  • High accuracy with proven instruments
  • Proven for harsh ambient conditions

Single/double mechanical seal, stuffing box and water supply for gland packings


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