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OnC DiscValve 550

OnC DiscValve 550

Armature for a multitude of applications

The OnC DiscValve is a soft-sealing valve that blocks liquids and gases and performs simple control tasks. The modular design of the valve simplifies parts replacement.

OnC DiscValve valves with a centrally seated valve disc are maintenance free. The soft-sealing seat is replaceable and is available in EPDM, NBR or FKM materials, depending on flow applications. A version with a cemented collar is available for vacuum applications. An enclosure with PTFE lining is also available.
The materials GG25, GGG40 and stainless steel 1,4408 are available for the enclosure. Depending on the material specification chosen and the flow medium, the valve blocks differential pressures up to 16 bar. The valves can be fitted with pneumatic actuators, final position monitoring units or positioners.

OnC DiscValve valves can be used with a multitude of applications for blocking liquids and gases.

Model overview OnC DiscValve 

OnC DiscValve MTV/VSS

High-performance butterfly valve metal seated

DV500.MTV     DV500.VSS
Control and on-off functions


  •  Diameter DN80–DN1200
  •  Low noise for high differential
  •  With solid metal seat ring, alternative
    PTFE seating ring with carbon rein -
    forcement for e.g. vacuum application
  •  Wafer, lugs and flange versions
    according to DIN/EN

Stock, water, steam and vacuum

OnC DiscValve VSS for low noise

High-performance butterfly valve metal seated low noise

Especially designed for control at high differential pressures. The valve is designed to handle a wide range of liquids, gases and steam at temperatures of up to 550 °C or 1,022 °F. With the low noise trim, flushing and cavitation Problems can be eliminated and a lower noise level is achieved.


  •  Diameter DN80–DN600
  • PN10–25
  •  For high differential pressures
  •  Wafer and lugs versions according to DIN/EN

Gases, steam and water

OnC DiscValve MTV/VSS with lugs

Butterfly valve lugs

DV500.MTV     DV500.VSS
All butterfly valves can also be supplied with lugs for mounting between flanges according to DIN/EN standards.

ANSI drillings are available.

OnC DiscValve MTVF

Butterfly valve flanged

Alternatively, the butterfly valves can be equipped with flanges according to DIN/EN.

Optional ANSI drillings are available.

OnC DiscValve PZD

Soft-seated butterfly valve

One-piece, blow-out-proof, stream lined designed, absolutely tight sealing and centrical mounted soft seated butterfly valve. The automatic butterfly valve can be actuated double or single acting.


  •  Diameter DN25–DN600
  •  PN6/10/16/25/40, ASME/ANSI 125/150,
  • Valve body cast iron or stainless steel

Water distribution and supply, water treatment, most fluids of general services

OnC DiscValve HZD

Soft-seated butterfly valve, manually operated

The soft seated butterfly valve OnC DiscValve 550 can be provided with either manual hand lever or gear box.

  • Manual hand lever for sizes DN25–DN300
  •  Manual gear box for sizes DN25–DN1000


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