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OnC PressSens 120

OnC PressSens 120

Transmitter for the smallest measurement ranges

OnC PressSens 120 is a high-quality differential pressure transducer specifically designed for the smallest measurement ranges. It provides a very high degree of accuracy and excellent measuring stability.

OnC PressSens transmitters are used for measuring fill level, pressure or vacuum. The differential pressure sensor is characterized by a large turn-down ratio of up to 100:1 and a basic accuracy of +/-0.004%. A measuring cell made of special ceramic with a radial protected seal allows flush-mounted installation of the OnC PressSens 120 in pipes, vats, containers and storage towers. The electronic communication system is replaceable.

Due to the high abrasion resistance of the ceramic used, OnC PressSens is especially suited to the requirements of recovered paper stock preparation, from pulping all the way to the headbox.