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OnC SegmentValve 500

OnC SegmentValve 500

Segmented ball valve for consistencies up to 18%

OnC SegmentValve 500 is a segmented ball valve that is optimally suited to all consistency and pressure controls. It can be used for water, stock/reject and steam.

OnC SegmentValve 500 segmented ball valves are an optimal solution for the paper industry and can be used with consistencies up to 18%. They can be pneumatically or manually activated with hand gearing/hand lever. The drive itself can be optionally equipped with a security function (spring closes, spring opens). OnC SegmentValve 500 is also available as a control valve with VP500 (Voith positioner). The diameters available range from DN 25 to DN 700; the intermediate flange is available up to DN 250. The seat ring of the OnC SegmentValve 500 is made of PTFE53, optionally of metal.  For high differential pressure, the low-noise version would be the preferred option, which controls the steam and provides for decompression. The V-groove version should be used for minimal flow rates.

OnC SegmentValve 500 is used for application in stock preparation up to the dryer section and is also suitable for high contaminant contents such as reject. A metal seat ring should be used.

Model overview OnC SegmentValve


Ball segment valve Wafer

SV500.KVT     SV500.KVTW     SV500.KVX     SV500.KVXW
Control and on-off function. The valve types KVT and KVTW are a sandwich Wafer design version with centrically mounted shaft, while KVX and KVXW dispose of an eccentrically mounted shaft.


  •  Diameter DN25–DN250
  •  Low noise version for high differen -
    tial pressure
  •  Abrasion-resistant surfacing (stellite)
  •  Wafer versions according to DIN/EN

Water, stock or rejects up to medium consistency (18%) as well as steam > 200 °C with eccentric shaft

OnC SegmentValve KVTF/KVXF

Ball segment valve flanged

SV500.KVTF     SV500.KVXF
Control and on-off function. Type SV500.KVTF is a flanged version with a centrically mounted shaft, while KVXF is flanged with an eccentric design.


  •  Diameter DN25–DN700
  •  Various seat rings available
  •  Abrasion-resistant surfacing (stellite) available
  • Flange versions according to DIN/EN
  •  Optional ANSI drillings possible

Water, stock as well as steam > 200 °C with eccentric shaft

OnC SegmentValve KVM

Ball segment valve with V-groove

This Ball segment valve is for use at high fibre concentrations of up to 15% consistency. The V-groove design prevents dewatering at small opening angles.

Control valve after MC pump

OnC SegmentValve Low noise versions

Ball segment valve low noise

SV500 KVTW LN     SV500 KVX WLN     SV500 KVTF LN     SV500 KVXF LN
Especially designed for control purposes at high differential pressures. The ball segment is equipped with a low noise trim to distribute the pressure drop across the valve, lessen pressure recovery and reduce noise as well as potential cavitation damage usually generated in standard models.


  •  Wafer design KVTW/KVXW LN DN50–250; PN20–50
  •  Flanged design KVTF/KVXF LN DN50–400; PN20–50

Gases, steam, water and thin stock

OnC SegmentValve High pressure version

Ball segment valve PN100 high pressure

SV500.KVT     PN100
Especially designed for control and on- off function at high pressures.

Pressure rating PN100


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