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OnC TempSens

OnC TempSens

Reliable temperature measurement

Voith offers with OnC TempSens a product family that includes sensors with large temperature ranges and fixed or separate thermowell for all kinds of application.

The OnC TempSens product portfolio provides different versions of sensors with various process connections. The adequate temperature transmitters are available as head-or-rail mounted version. Instruments with Profibus are also offered in addition to analog current output. Featuring plug-in, screw-in, weld-in and flange connections, temperature sensors from Voith fulfill various requirements and are available as customized solutions.


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OnC TempSens 400

Temperature sensors

Wide range of different types of temperature sensors for all applications.


  • Measuring inserts with PT100 three- or four-wire connection
  • Class “B”; class “A” DIN EN 60751 or T/C
  • Types J, K and others
  • Many different process connections
  • With screw-in, weld-in or flanged thermowell
  • Transmitter head mounted or with external transmitter
  • Output 4–20 mA, 4–20 mA HART, Profibus PA

OnC TempSens 400 TT50C

Two-wire temperature transmitter head mounted

TS400 TT50C
Universal multirange two-wire temperature transmitter for PT100 or T/C input. Designed for highest reliability and excellent industrial performance.


  • Mounting in temperature sensor head
  • Input RTD (PT100) T/C, three- or four-wire connection
  • Output 4–20 mA HART
  • Measurement of potentiometer resistance (0 to 2,000 Ohm) and voltage (-10 to 500 mV)
  • Easy wiring, large center hole
  • Consistent sensor break function
  • Low sensor isolation detection

OnC TempSens 400 TT50R

Two-wire temperature transmitter separate mounted

TS400 TT50R
High-precision universal programmable two-wire transmitter

  • Mounting on a C-profile bar


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