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OnC UniCom

OnC UniCom

Versatile and easy handling sensor indicators

To keep the operating team up to date with all the important process information, Voith offers the OnC UniCom product range that contains various internal and external indicating and adjustment modules.

The wide range of versatile indicators and displays for signal processing and sensor adjustment is available in almost all languages. To ensure smooth operation, measuring instruments are employed to deliver a steady flow of up-to-date, objective information about the process to the control and regulation technology. Various hardware components as well as signal conditioning software process and integrate the measurement data. They convert the analogue or digital signals from the measuring instruments into information, for example measured values, that are displayed on indicating instruments or fed directly into the control system.


Model overview OnC UniCom 

OnC UniCom 910

Display and control module

The very compact indicating and adjustment module is ideal for permanent or temporary installation. The power is supplied directly from the sensor. OnC UniCom 910 is used for locally measured value indication, adjustment and diagnosis. It is mounted inside the respective sensor housing or the external module UniCom 961. After mounting, sensor and UniCom 910 are splash-proof even without housing cover. An integrated backlight enables reading even under unfavorable lighting conditions. The display can also be equipped with heating to ensure good readability at low temperatures down to -40 °C.

OnC UniCom 961

External display and control module

The external UniCom 961 device is an external indicating and adjustment module that operates without additional power. It is used for remote measured value indication, for example at some distance from the measuring site, and adjustment of OnC sensors.


  • For 4–20 mA, Profibus PA sensors
  • Connection and communication via standard four-wire screened cable up to 25m long
  • Additional power supply is not required

OnC UniCom 991

Signal conditioning instrument

Universal analog or digital programmable signal conditioning instrument.


  • Big illuminated display
  • Analog Input sensor 4–20 mA HART passive with two-wire supply from indicator to sensor
  • Analog Input sensor 4–20 mA HART active
  • Five or six level relays
  • Fail safe relay possible
  • 0/4–20 mA current output
  • Dimensions 96x96 mm
  • USB and Ethernet interface, RS232 for modem
  • Data transmission via e-mail and SMS
  • Counter (totalizer) function
  • Front protection IP65
  • Optional wall mounting with separate housing

OnC UniCom 981

Signal conditioning Instrument

OnC UniCom 981 is a universal single signal conditioning instrument with integrated level switches and display for continuous sensors. At the same time it serves as power supply unit for the connected sensor. OnC UniCom 981 is designed for connection of any 4–20 mA sensor. The instrument is suitable for carrier rail, panel and surface mounting.


  • Analog Input sensor 4–20 mA passive with two-wire supply from indicator to sensor
  • Analog Input sensor 4–20 mA active
  • Two level relays
  • Fail safe relay
  • 0/4–20 mA current output
  • Dimensions 96x96 mm
  • Less cost intensive alternativ to OnC UniCom 991


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