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OnCare AM

OnCare AM

Maintenance management from Voith

OnCare AM facilitates the maintenance management of your paper machine, from planning, servicing and documentation through cost control to spare parts management.

Voith’s OnCare AM is a maintenance concept that enables reliable planning and monitoring of key performance indicators, transparent cost-benefit comparisons and the timely initiation of maintenance activities. Unlike conventional software solutions, OnCare AM represents a complete maintenance concept, a distinctive feature of which is that data are already embedded in the software system. Likewise, it is possible to integrate existing systems. As a result, the conditions are created for immediate use of the maintenance management system.

Thanks to permanent monitoring of the entire paper machine, optimization potential can be identified and preventive maintenance measures planned and implemented. Thanks to preventive maintenance, unscheduled downtimes can be substantially reduced and the availability of your paper machine increased. In addition, the use of interfaces allows OnCare AM to be ideally complemented by other tools such as OnCare CM and OnCare RS.

With the OnCare AM maintenance management system you are ensuring efficient asset management of the complete paper machine.