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OnCare CM

OnCare CM

Analytical tool for condition-based maintenance

With OnCare CM, the smallest malfunctions are detected before they appear and are promptly eliminated with condition-based preventive maintenance.

OnCare CM registers the condition of the roller bearings via installed or mobile data acquisition units. The data gathered are monitored with a monitoring system. In case of any irregularity, the cause is automatically identified and suitable condition-based maintenance measures are initiated. Thus bearing damage, pump failures or other mechanical damage and failures can be avoided through preventive maintenance.

A special advantage of OnCare CM is that the system can be easily and inexpensively expanded. Thanks to its modular structure, additional measurement points can be included. There is also the possibility of data exchange with other systems through its many interfaces.

OnCare CM is an efficient maintenance tool that supports condition-based maintenance for the entire system.

The OnCare CM App



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