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OnEfficiency Cockpit

OnEfficiency Cockpit

Know your processes

The OnEfficiency Cockpit is the gateway to a clear view over the processes of papermaking. You can navigate safely and reliably through every situation.

Paper making is a complex procedure in which many processes have to integrate smoothly with one another. High levels of technical competence and many years of experience are required. Decisions must often be made with an incomplete picture of the current process, since reliable laboratory data and figures are often only available afterwards.

OnEfficiency Cockpit is a highly intuitive instrument from Voith that combines complicated processes in a technologically reliable overall picture and allows lasting decisions. It includes all basic elements for unerring and active navigation. Even the use of process chemicals is as needed. Incorrect dosages and secondary effects are minimized. The modular structure simplifies later additions, for example of sensors and control software for stabilizing individual processes.