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OnEfficiency Forming

OnEfficiency Forming

Better sheet creation in three ways

Bonding of firm paper depends on flocculation, wire retention and dewatering of the paper web. For the first time, simultaneous coordination with the mechanical system in the wire section is achieved with OnEfficiency Forming.

Dewatering, retention and flocculation do not react in an absolutely predictable manner. Paper bonding thus makes high demands on the operating personnel. Speed changes and grade changes, fluctuation in stock quality and the processes involved in white water recirculation disrupt the sensitive balance and make manual interventions in the stock feed and dewatering mechanics necessary.

With the OnEfficiency Forming, dewatering, retention and flocculation are stabilized and coordinated at the same time. The consistency in the process, which is thus improved directly, saves raw materials, additives and energy and reduces the variation in quality values.

This is achieved with a package of sensors for analysis of the processes in the former, software for real-time prediction of laboratory values and control modules for paper bonding processes. OnEffciency Cockpit combines all individual components in one user-friendly application. Our competent technology service ensures that your goals are accomplished.