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OnQ BleachControl™

OnQ BleachControl™

Better quality due to reduced fluctuations in the degree of whiteness

OnQ BleachControl intelligent bleach control reduces the fluctuations in the degree of whiteness in bleached pulp, thereby improving the quality of the finished stock.

In the last few years, measuring the degree of whiteness online has become standard procedure in many paper mills. Nonetheless, operators often cannot carry out necessary changes in the use of chemicals in a timely manner due to the long downtime with bleaching. This leads to fluctuations in quality and unnecessarily high bleach costs. This is where OnQ BleachControl proves its worth. It controls feeding of the bleaching agent to the pulp, which reduces fluctuations in the degree of whiteness. Cost savings can be realized at the same time.

OnQ BleachControl is used for controlling the bleaching agent during bleaching stages.