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OnQ GradeManager

OnQ GradeManager

Quick and smooth grade change

OnQ GradeManager provides comprehensive and easily operable grade management with the most modern multi-variable control methods. This makes quick and stable grade change possible.

With OnQ GradeManager, up to 480 set points are passed completely to the automation unit upon the changing of grades. The number of grades is not limited in the process. The data themselves are stored in a redundant SQL database. The optimal transition from one grade to the next takes place via the model-based pilot control of the affected process values according to their temporal transition. OnQ GradeManager essentially controls three components during a grade change: the addition of high-consistency stock for maintaining the basis weight, the steam pressure in the dryer section for constant moisture, and the addition of filler for the ash content in the paper.

OnQ GradeManager is used for monitoring grade changes in the paper machine.