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OnQ ModuleIR

OnQ ModuleIR

Highly efficient drying with infrared radiation

OnQ ModuleIR is an electrically heated infrared system that allows continuous correction of the moisture cross profile, even in narrow zones crosswise to the paper web. The highest product quality is therefore achieved.

OnQ ModuleIR consists of dryer modules with halogen lamps, a ventilation system with suction, and blast nozzles and connected air ducts. The ventilation system eliminates evaporated water and provides for aeration of the paper web. The frame of the OnQ ModuleIR is constructed so that highly efficient drying can take place via the modules, and the cooling air can optimally reach the individual drying modules. A thick quartz plate in front of each drying element protects the lamps and acts as a cold surface toward the paper web. Each lamp has a special lightweight tile reflector, which reflects the entire infrared energy on the paper web and serves as an effective thermal insulator so that almost no thermal radiation can escape through the back wall.

The OnQ ModuleIR infrared system is used for moisture cross profile correction in paper and board machines.