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OnQ ModuleJet retrofit

OnQ ModuleJet retrofit

Perfect cross profiles even for old headboxes

The OnQ ModuleJet control system changes the stock consistency sectionally by adding dilution water. Retrofitting is possible on older headboxes.

With many headboxes, control of the basis weight cross profile is still done by the operating personnel, which can lead to undesirable fluctuations in the profile. With a retrofit of the OnQ ModuleJet actuator system and a Profilmatic cross profile control, consistently high paper quality can be produced. By precisely dosing the dilution water, OnQ ModuleJet produces a high basis weight quality with its newly developed valve and hose connection. After the modernization the average running time is doubled.

OnQ ModuleJet can be retrofitted both on existing Voith headboxes as well as on headboxes of other manufacturers.