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OnQ ModuleJet

OnQ ModuleJet

Precise dosing for perfect cross profiling

OnQ ModuleJet is an automatic control system that consistently ensures the highest quality of the basis weight cross profile in headboxes with dilution water technology.

Control of the basis weight cross profile with OnQ ModuleJet is done by adjustment of the dilution water valves that are arranged over the machine width through the actuator system. The inflow of dilution water is exactly dosed by means of precise linear movement. In combination with the Profilmatic control software, the OnQ ModuleJet actuator system guarantees uniform basis weight cross profiles and provides for short engagement times after malfunctions. The optimal valve position is calculated by OnQ Profilmatic with the aid of various algorithms and adjusted by the actuator system.

The OnQ ModuleJet actuator system is used in headboxes with dilution water technology for cross profiling.