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OnQ ModulePro VIB Upgrade

OnQ ModulePro VIB Upgrade

Go Pro – modernize your paper machine components

The modernizing of the paper machine components with ONQ ModulePro upgrade package is an inexpensive alternative to an investment in a completely new system.

Legacy VIB nozzle moisturizers require a lot of machine maintenance and are therefore costly. In addition, they often have problems with different components such as insufficient spray quality, spray quantities that are too small and a limiting control resolution. The nozzle moisturizers thus no longer bear up under modern requirements such as higher paper machine speeds and better paper quality. These problems can be eliminated through modernization of the paper machine components with the OnQ ModulePro VIB upgrade at a manageable investment cost, which will then minimize maintenance costs in the future.

Voith offers four flexible packages within the framework of the new OnQ ModulePro VIB upgrade. An individual upgrade can be carried out, from a simple changeover of individual components to the higher-capacity Voith V30, to a new valve control cabinet with control unit all the way up to activation of the existing VIB 4-bit valves. Other components of the paper mill such as spray beams or supply units can also be replaced if needed. The OnQ ModulePro VIB upgrade thus eliminates the problems with legacy VIB nozzle moisturizers. For the paper maker, it’s an important step toward modernization of the paper machine and its components.



Your benefits

  • Lower investment costs due to flexible step-by-step upgrades
  • High flexibility for individual needs and available financial means
  • Better spray quality, higher spray volume and better profiles
  • Less maintenance