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OnQ ModuleStep

OnQ ModuleStep

Improved profile quality and good control dynamics

The OnQ ModuleStep actuator controls the cross profile of the grammage. Simultaneous adjustment of all actuators ensures good control dynamics and clearly improved profile quality.

Control of the cross profile with the OnQ ModuleStep is done through mechanical profiling by zones of the headbox aperture, using stepper motors. The resulting contoured headbox outlet corrects the cross profile in the desired manner. The adjusting unit, consisting of stepper motor, gears, micrometer and hand wheel, was specially designed for the harsh environmental conditions in the paper and board industry. Adjusting increments of 0.6 micron ensure good control quality. Each actuator includes an integrated status and diagnostic display. The actuator adjustment is precisely measured by means of position, protectingthe aperture of the headbox from damage.

OnQ ModuleStep actuators can be installed on all headbox types. They are especially suitable for retrofitting older headboxes.