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OnQ ModuleTherm

OnQ ModuleTherm

Better thickness profile at the calender

OnQ ModuleTherm corrects the edge profile and the thickness profile in the short-wave range at the calender. Profiling of the paper web is carried out with tempered air.

Profiling takes place using tempered air with the OnQ ModuleTherm. Depending on the requirements, the heating device has an output of 46 kW/m (OnQ ModuleTherm S) or 66 kW/m (OnQ ModuleTherm UI/UII). This generates hot air that is blown at high speed onto the roll surface of the calender. Through application of cold and hot air by zones to the calender rolls, a very delicate influence on the thickness profile is possible in the short-wave range. A zone width of either 76 mm (OnQ ModuleTherm S/UI) or 38 mm (OnQ ModuleTherm UII) can be chosen, depending on the control quality to be obtained. Edge problems can also be eliminated with OnQ ModuleTherm.

OnQ ModuleTherm is suitable for control of the thickness profile at the calender for all calender types and all paper and board grades.