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OnQ Profilmatic

OnQ Profilmatic

Optimal control and high availability

OnQ Profilmatic is a progressive cross profile control software program characterized by high reaction speed and delivering very flat cross profiles.

OnQ Profilmatic determines the shape of the profiles using quick and precise unfiltered, high-resolution profile measurements. Its ability to determine the portion of random noise in the measurements and the genuine cross profile variation makes the traditional filtering method for processing measurements obsolete.Continuous, dynamic profile mapping allows exact local mapping of the actuator control zones to the profile measurements. The adaptive tuning algorithm of OnQ Profilmatic allows optimization of the control that is very easy to carry out and thus eliminates time-consuming tuning procedures that used to be necessary with a complex multitude of grades.

OnQ Profilmatic is used for cross profile control in the paper web. Combined with the Voith actuator systems and the Voith OnQ quality control system, it guarantees the best measurement and control qualities. Of course, OnQ Profilmatic can also communicate with other compatible quality control systems via standard and open interfaces and can control external actuator systems.