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Optimized dryer fabric run

Optimized dryer fabric run

Longer fabric service life due to less contamination

Through conversion to internal-only dryer fabric guide rolls with a fabric cleaner, the fabric service life can be extended and the cleaning outlay reduced.

In the course of optimizing the dryer fabric run, all external rolls are eliminated and a conversion to internal dryer fabric guide rolls takes place with fabric cleaner or with a doctored external dryer fabric guide roll for targeted discharge of dirt. The existing fabric guide and dryer fabric tensioning device can normally be repositioned and reused. A fabric cleaner (DuoCleaner Express) can usually be positioned on the tensioning device.

Alternatively, on the external dryer fabric guide roll, the dirt is discharged via a groove doctor. In both cases, the fabric changing devices or ventilators are repositioned. The number of dryer fabric guide rolls per fabric run can be reduced by optimizing the dryer fabric run. In addition, a longer fabric service life is possible due to reduced contamination of fabric and rolls.

Optimization of the dryer fabric run helps to increase cleanliness in the dryer groups and ultimately improve runnability.