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Paper machine potential check

Paper machine potential check

Identifying, analyzing and implementing potential for improvement

The potential check shows how the paper machine can be optimized to allow for savings and quality improvements, as well as increased planning reliability.

As a first step, there is a review of the customer’s goals on the basis of the documents made available. They are analyzed by a team of experts, compared with the best technologies available, and investigated with methods specific to Voith. Specifications are aligned with internal and external databases and potentials for optimization are identified. In the case of outdated customer documentation, missing data or specific detailed requirements, an on-site visit may be necessary. An extremely valuable data verification is achieved through an appraisal and in conversations with the customer’s personnel. This can be supplemented in the next step by on-site data recording and an analysis of the technology the customer has installed. At the end of the potential check, extensive measures and technologies are recommended by Voith. The highest benchmark precision is thus ensured.

The potential check is used to configure existing systems for more efficient paper production.