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Pluralis Line for refiner from other manufacturers

Energy-saving potentials

Refiner from other manufacturers can be rebuilt to Pluralis fillings after an analysis of their condition and the selection of a suitable Pluralis filling.

The most important LC refining parameters are established and assessed during an analysis of their actual condition. The optimum refining condition of the fiber pulp can be compared to an ‘operating window’ in a multidimensional parameter matrix. This is based on many years of experience, complemented by the latest findings from research and development.

Voith Pluralis fillings are already available for the following common refining machines of other equipment manufacturers, in most standard disk diameters:

  • DD-Refiner by GL&V/Beloit
  • TwinFlo by Andritz-Sprout-Bauer
  • AW/AWN by Aikawa
  • THD by Black Clawson

Moreover, the existing fillings of Pluralis Line are being continuously extended with new types.

Do you want to optimize your refining process? Then get in touch with your Voith sales representative. A questionnaire will establish whether there is a suitable Pluralis filling available for your refining machine.


  • Pluralis Line - Saving energy with the optimal filling for every type of fiber

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