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Press Fabrics 

Press fabrics are important components for efficient dewatering; a variety of different designs is available and will be customized for the specific needs.

The concept of Modularity is crucial for press fabric construction at Voith. The base components for the fabric are chosen from a large palette of options and batt layers are custom-made to the needs of the customer. Functional characteristics are created with special components like Elastomer, Vector, yarn arrays and Spectra, to name a few. The woven layer in the felt can be replaced by special components which give new functional features to the fabric.

Infinity is a concept of new generation laminated felts which combine a completely new way of manufacturing the base cloth and the seam with modular thinking. This gives clear advantages to the paper maker which target efficient dewatering, better sheet quality, fast start-up, reduced chemical use, safety and energy savings - in short: "fit and forget".



PeakElement Technology is a specially developed elastomeric material which, when integrated in to a press fabric, reduces the start-up period while additionally maintaining steady-state performance throughout its operational life. Its versatility is unique and it is a perfect solution for increasing dewatering performance in the press section of your paper machine.


TissueFlex XD 

As tissue machine speeds continue to rise, as do the requirements on press felts. The TissueFlex XD meets these demands. Due to its reduced thickness, this slim press felt enables much faster startup times, allowing a considerable production increase. Special needling of the base and coarse non-woven layers ensures high abrasion resistance, resulting in smooth tissue surfaces.

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