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PrevoCut H/DH - HydroJet/ Double HydroJet

PrevoCut H/DH - HydroJet/ Double HydroJet

Reliable threading and widening due to its very good cut quality

The HydroJet and Double HydroJet are a couch squirt that creates a tail for threading with a consistently clean water jet cut. After successful threading, the HydroJet and Double HydroJet widen the tail to the width of the full web. The automated process supports machine workers and lessens their workload during the threading phase.

The cut, with a spray nozzle which is adjustable in height and angle, is made either in the former or in the press. The spray nozzle is mounted in a cross member and moved crosswise to the machine direction. Reproducibility of the nozzle positioning is in turn ensured by a frequency-controlled drive. Furthermore, assemblies with key functions are packaged, which ensures a high level of availability for the HydroJet and Double HydroJet.

Customer benefits:
• Improved safety for the operator, as manual interventions are no longer necessary.
• The threading process is reproducible and in addition leads to fewer downtimes as the process is fully automated.