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PrevoCut TR/RR

PrevoCut TR/RR

High level of safety and optimal tail cut

PrevoCut TR and RR are standard knives for the lateral tail cut. The PrevoCut TR cuts tails up to 120 g/m² laterally, and the PrevoCut RR cuts tails from 120 g/m² laterally.

The lateral tail cut is done after lifting of the tail. The PrevoCut TR cuts paper tails laterally up to 120 g/m². A protective hood releases the blade for the threading process and then pivots back after the tail has been successfully cut. All paper and board grades above 120 g/m² are cut laterally with the PrevoCut RR. It is parked under the threading belt along with the side safety bar and pivots into its working position only for the cutting operation. An innovative knife housing prevents jamming of the paper and increases safety for the operator.

PrevoCut TR and RR are used for the lateral tail cut after lifting of the tail, primarily from a dryer cylinder after a PrevoLift FT/FTE.