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PrevoThread CP

PrevoThread CP

Quick stabilization of the paper tail

PrevoThread CP allows progressive wet-end threading with Venturi technology. The paper tail is stabilized using a blow pipe and an internally created high vacuum.

The PrevoThread CP removal belt is based on the same technology as the PrevoThread C threading belt.  PrevoThread CP cuts the paper tail with an air pulse from the blow pipe of the roll and stabilizes it with a high vacuum due to the special arrangement of Venturi nozzles, among other measures. This allows repeatable short threading times. The nozzles are characterized by low noise emission and a long service life, since they have no moving parts. The length of the removal belt can be adjusted to minimize open draws for tails. PrevoThread CP saves space due to its compact design with an integrated drum motor. The motor with a built-in sensor for temperature monitoring is also designed for future speed increases.

The PrevoThread CP (Conveyor Press) removal belt is used in the wet end of the press section.