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PrevoThread CW inverted

PrevoThread CW inverted

The overhead solution for the press section

The PrevoThread CW threading belt was developed specifically to remove, repair and transport a paper or board tail in the overhead area of the press section.

In the threading process with PrevoThread, blast nozzles lift the tail off the roll and blow it onto the threading belt arranged overhead with an internally generated vacuum. With a low air requirement, Venturi nozzles create a high vacuum for stabilizing the tail over the entire length of the PrevoThread CW. If necessary, the vacuum can be shut off immediately. By dividing it into individual vacuum zones, the maximum vacuum is attained after covering each zone with paper. The first zone with four Venturi nozzles creates a particularly powerful vacuum that quickly stabilizes the incoming tail. Apart from the overhead solution, the mode of operation corresponds to the PrevoThread CP and has the same advantages, such as low noise emissions, low maintenance and up-keep outlay, and flexible belt length.

The PrevoThread CW (Conveyor Wet) threading belt with Venturi technology is used in threading situations in the press that require an overhead solution.