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Stable web pick-up and increased speed

ProRelease+ has an efficient and energy-saving sealing system that ensures stable web pickup in the first dryer groups. A high vacuum in the release zone allows a lower paper draw at same speed.

The sealing system consisting of MultiSeal forms the release zone and in a targeted fashion provides for a high vacuum in the area where the paper web is picked up from the cylinder. This reduces the stresses that act on the still relatively wet and sensitive paper web when it is being removed from the cylinder. In addition, runnability is improved in the particularly sensitive area of the first dryer groups. Fewer breaks and an increase in speed at the same draw are the result.

ProRelease+ is used in the first dryer groups of single-tier dryer sections and provides for stable web pickup.

Upgrade for ProRelease+

The upgrade for ProRelease+ consists of the new sealing strip holder MultiSeal Plus which is installed with a sliding device. This allows the adjustment of the holder’s position according to the best operating position. With MultiSeal Plus the high vacuum conditions can be optimized and constantly maintained over a longer period or the production speed can be increased. Another benefit is that the lifetime of the strips can be extended to more than a year. For the perfect fit, we recommend the installation of SkySeal Plus or SkySeal Flex sealing strips.


  • ProRelease+ upgrade. Optimization with combination of MultiSeal Plus and SkySeal family

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