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Increasing safety when working in cylinders

With the ProSafe rescue shell, personnel can be rescued from drying cylinders, creping cylinders, Yankee cylinders, boilers and similar containers with small side access openings.

The ProSafe rescue shell provides precious time if an employee in a closed container is dependent on quick help. The half-shell is equipped with carrying handles, face guard, hand rest, adjustable foot rest and straps for body, hands and feet. ProSafe was reviewed by the German Technical Control Board, tested by specialists in occupational medicine, and examined by the German Red Cross and found to be well suited to the purpose. The German papermakers’ professional association approves the shell with regard to the provision in paragraph 25 of the accident prevention regulation, “Principles of prevention.” Two standard designs for different manhole sizes are available, and customized sizes are also possible.

ProSafe is used for rescuing injured personnel from containers and tight spaces.