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Pulping Service

Pulping Service

Lowest fiber loss and high availability

A good pulping system performs at lowest specific energy consumption and lowest fiber loss whilst meeting capacity demand. Are you sure, that you operate your pulping system without unnecessary fiber losses at lowest specific energy?

Our pulping service identifies typical issues which lead to unreasonable high fiber loss and low technical availability. Major complications often are worn screen plates, rotors and machine housings. Other frequent issues are poor adjustment of the rotor and screen plate as well as unadapted settings of parameters of the pulping system. Typical results of such issues are high fiber loss, high specific energy consumption and less throughput. Additional consequences can be mechanical damages of the annular channel, increased rejects in the detrashing line and damaged gear boxes due to axial forces.

Our comprehensive pulping service aims to restore and maintain highest technical availability and to optimize operating parameters.

Our service packages include the following:

  • Status check
  • Inspection of pulping system
  • Service report
  • Exchange of spare and wear parts
  • Technological optimizations

A service technician will remain on site to provide support during re-start, to ensure your production starts up smoothly again and that the pulping system is functioning properly.


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