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QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown

QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown

Press sleeves for every requirement

With QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown, you always get the optimum press sleeve – tailored to your paper grade and the specific requirements of your paper machine.

The requirements for press sleeves are different not just for every paper grade but also for individual machines. QualiFlex offers the best solution for this challenge: a product portfolio designed to fit general grade specific requirements, with several possibilities for further individual customization.

QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown

For every paper grade, a choice can be made between the two product lines QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown. QualiFlex Crest is characterized by good properties and provides reliable performance – both in dewatering and  lifetime. QualiFlex Crown allows you to go even a step further, and to reach the next performance level.

The ideal QualiFlex press sleeve for every paper grade

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