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QualiFlex CrestT and QualiFlex CrownT

QualiFlex CrestT and QualiFlex CrownT

Ultimate dewatering designed specifically for your tissue machine

With CrestT and CrownT Voith offers two superior press sleeves for tissue shoe press applications which enable to obtain stable machine operating conditions and efficiency.

Selected polyurethane materials ensure the highest possible abrasion resistance under challenging temperature condition. To reach optimum dewatering of tissue products, grooved surfaces are the prime choice for this high-speed segment. With QualiFlex CrestT and QualiFlex CrownT a large variety of surfaces is available. Open area and void volume can be designed exactly to your needs.

QualiFlex CrestT

QualiFlex CrestT for tissue machines shows very good material properties regarding wear resistance and performance stability. It features the proven structure and performs reliably even under the harsh conditions of a tissue shoe press.

QualiFlex CrownT

QualiFlex CrownT is based on a well-proven concept as well, with excellent abrasion resistance properties. The special heat resistant material formulation makes this press sleeve with its outstanding abrasion resistance the perfect choice for very demanding applications.