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QualiFlex CrestK and QualiFlex CrownK

QualiFlex CrestK and QualiFlex CrownK

Optimum dewatering performance for your board machine

With QualiFlex CrestK and QualiFlex CrownK, Voith provides two customized press sleeves targeting best total performance for your board machine.

For best total performance, two factors must be achieved: consistent long life and optimal dewatering. Abrasion and impact resistance are the keys to achieving reliable high lifetimes. Stable grooves that provide true, full void volume are vital for maximum dewatering performance. Under specific challenges at especially lower speeds our unique blind-drilled surface pattern optimizes efficiency and prevents water backflow without fail. The proven stability and reliability of QualiFlex CrestK is further exceeded by the enhanced abrasion, crack and impact resistance of QualiFlex CrownK.

With QualiFlex CrestK and QualiFlex CrownK, Voith offers a large variety of surfaces. Open area and void volume can be designed exactly to your needs.

QualiFlex CrestK

QualiFlex CrestK is characterized by good abrasion resistance, low risk of crack occurrence and consistent performance due to high impact resistance.

QualiFlex CrownK

QualiFlex CrownK raises the bar for long-time effective void volume and reliable achievement of the highest lifetimes. Its enhanced abrasion and impact resistance are the key factors.


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