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QualiFlex CrestP and QualiFlex CrownP

QualiFlex CrestP und QualiFlex CrownP

Optimum and efficient dewatering for your packaging machine

With the press sleeves QualiFlex CrestP and QualiFlex CrownP, Voith provides two tailored solutions for consistent and reliable lifetime as well as optimum dewatering performance.

Packaging machines typically operate in abrasive conditions. Especially in combination with an increased impact risk, they require a wear resistant and reliable sleeve for efficient operation. The tailored surface designs need to provide maximum void volume at high loads to ensure optimum dewatering.

With QualiFlex CrestP and QualiFlex CrownP, you can achieve optimum dewatering and best paper quality due to the several surface options. Shape, open area and void volume can be designed exactly to your needs.

QualiFlex CrestP

Good abrasion, crack and impact resistance provide more than the usual market lifetime and performance. Technical expertise, tailor-made surface designs and stability come along with the good material properties of QualiFlex CrestP.

QualiFlex CrownP

With its specific focus on the individual key performance, the tailored material properties of QualiFlex CrownP take the sleeveā€™s performance to the next level. As new benchmark it achieved record lifetime even with obvious signs of local deformations after impact.

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