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QualiFlex CrestW and QualiFlex CrownW

QualiFlex CrestW and QualiFlex CrownW

Get the best dewatering performance for your graphic paper machine

With QualiFlex CrestW and QualiFlex CrownW, Voith provides two superior press sleeves targeting best total performance for graphic paper machines.

The sleeve is a key component of the press section. It has to be flexible to follow the deformation and bending when going through the press nip at high speeds up to 2,000 m/min and beyond. It is expected to be stable to withstand high pressures and provide maximum void volume at high loads, as well as be resistant both to mechanical and chemical wear. These attributes result in long-time, superior dewatering performance.

To reach optimum dewatering and best paper quality, grooved surfaces are the dominating choice for high-speed machines. With QualiFlex CrestW and QualiFlex CrownW, a large variety of surfaces is available. Groove shape, open area and void volume can be designed exactly to your needs.

QualiFlex CrestW

Good abrasion, crack and impact resistance provide more than the usual market lifetime and performance. Technical expertise, tailor-made surface designs and stability come along with the good material properties of QualiFlex CrestW.

QualiFlex CrownW

With its specific focus on the individual key performance indicators (abrasion, crack and impact resistance), the tailored material properties of QualiFlex CrownW take the sleeveā€™s performance to the next level while considering the specific requirements of your machine.

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