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R2S demonstration plant hire

R2S anaerobic demonstration plant hire

Testing anaerobic cleaning of effluents under realistic conditions

The R2S reactor is a two-stage high-performance reactor for anaerobic treatment of industrial effluents with a high calcium content. Its operating behavior can be tested with the R2S demonstration plant.

Due to its special design, the R2S reactor allows the effective degradation of dissolved organic contaminants in the tightest space. Most of the organic compounds contained in the water are converted to biogas. The biogas produced can be fed into energy utilization systems (“green energy”). The R2S reactor has an optimized flow geometry for accumulation of dense media (e.g., lime sludge) and selective discharge. In addition, the special design ensures obstruction-free operation of the three-phase separation device.

The R2S demonstration plant is used to test the degradation and operating behavior of an R2S reactor under realistic conditions and as an investment safeguard for a large-scale facility. In the case of public sponsorship, it serves as evidence of how the R2S technology performs.