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Rebuild concepts for soft calenders

Rebuild concepts for soft calenders

Increasing efficiency by means of soft calender rebuilds

Soft calenders assume an important function in producing gloss and smoothness. Rebuild solutions increase the efficiency of calenders and improve paper quality.

The increasing requirements for paper quality and the lowest possible production costs make the rebuilding of soft calenders necessary in order to remain competitive. Polymer covers, for example, require perfect cover protection consisting of several break detection sensors, cutoff knives, doctor systems and edge cooling.

The covers themselves have to withstand ever-higher loads and allow for a longer service life with elastic rolls and the coatings on heated rolls. Fine-profiling Nipcorect rolls with the lowest line loads offer all the possibilities of the latest machines. In combination with modern control systems such as OnQ Profilmatic, optimal 2s values result for the machine cross direction profiles.

Soft calender rebuilds are used to increase the speed and efficiency of existing calenders or to improve paper quality.